correct movement is the antidote to pain

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I will help you move in a safe, easy, and effective manner to alleviate your back pain, hip pain, knee pain and other signals your body is sending you.

with my expertise and your dedication we will ...

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Why do these principles matter?

They affect your movement quality and performance by increasing your level of balance to the joints in terms of strength and range of motion. Without sufficient strength, balance, or enough range of motion the nerve sensors around the joints send messages to the central nervous system to change or alter movement patterns through that joint. All of this means compensation which is no bueno because it places important stress to adjacent joints.

Developing these fundamentals will only guarantee an authentic restoration in your overall fitness, regardless of your main activity.




The ability to implement movements via Pilates-based techniques that enhances normal body motions that have deteriorated due to age and/or disease is where Camilo shines. I have benefited greatly after hip replacements in both legs and nagging back problems. His approach to restoring movements has helped me over the past 2 years so that I am now moving closer to how I moved as a young child. I am a big fan of how Camilo engages his clients in purposeful movements that incorporates Pilates for overall health and wellness.
— Paul C. LaStayo, PHD, PT Professor of Physical Therapy and Athletic Training, Competitive Cyclist
On the first day of training with Camilo, I realized how well he understands the body. Mine has morphed tremendously over the last 2 years through movement work, weight training, and Pilates. I’m stronger, ache less, and am able to physically manage long work days that are grueling. I have and will continue to recommend him to many friends and colleagues.
— Giavonni Lewis, MD, Burn and Trauma Surgeon - Light to the Darkness
Plus Movimiento is world class and hands down the best studio to go to! Camilo is a very conscientious instructor, who has years of experience, and an innate understanding of movement. Over time, I have acquired sport injuries and other poor posture habits; Camilo has taught me how to start over and move better, feel better, and Increase my athleticism.
— Diana Jennings, Professor of History and Middle Eastern conflict and resolution - World Traveler
I was referred to Camilo nearly 2 years ago by a friend in the fitness industry. Not only has he strengthened my body, but he has also taught me how to move, sit, stand, and live more effectively. The modifications that he offers in strength training have dramatically decreased pain incurred during exercise. In short, he has worked miracles and given me a quality of life that I thought I had lost forever.
— Liz Perri, Exec admin/paralegal at Sophos - Pain Survivor
I have found a class and teacher that have changed my relationship with my body and my movement. Good bye back pain and hello so many other things that have brought added
value to my life and physical practices.
— Mindy Johnson, Professional Photographer - Mother of 2